Dafydd Eveleigh

Trustee Type
Chair Person

Chair Person

Dafydd joined CDC board of trustees in October 2016 and became Chairperson June 2017.

Currently a project manager in the civil service, but has worked in the Deaf community for several years, first as a BSL officer then as a Community Advocacy Officer and is aware of the challenges that deaf and hard of hearing people face not only through personal experience but from working in the community.

As with many of the trustees Dafydd has strived to improved lives for Deaf people challenging barriers and seeking to educate people that the solutions are simple. Furthermore Dafydd has always tried to empower Deaf people allowing them to make their own choices that suits them.

Outside the community Dafydd is a passionate motorcyclist and regularly travels around the UK and Europe meeting the international deaf community and building links.

Dafydd is well respected within the Deaf community and beyond and brings integrity and honesty to his work.

Dafydd lives in Rhondda Cynon Taff with his wife and family.