Julie Doyle

Trustee Type
Non Executive Trustee

Non-executive trustee

Julie is a Member of the Register of Sign Language Interpreters with NRCPD and a Full Member of The Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI) UK. She has obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting from UCLAN.

Julie has worked as a community freelance interpreter in Cardiff and South Wales for 20 years and has spent 2 of those years in New Zealand She has extensive experience in most interpreting settings including Glastonbury and at the Royal Albert Hall.She has interpreted also for the Welsh Deaf Rugby team over seven years and is proud to say she was part of the World Cup winning Squad.

She currently teaches Interpreting on SignWorld’s iBSL Sign Language Interpreting diploma and is training to be an assessor.

Julie is passionate about access to information and services for Deaf people, providing the conduit to open up dialogue between hearing and Deaf communities. She is the proud recipient of the Jackie Moore Memorial Award 2007 for her services to the Deaf Community, as voted by the South Wales Deaf Community.

More importantly Julie is a native user of BSL having Deaf Parents; BSL is the language within her family home. She spent many of her formative years at Cardiff Deaf Club and considers it her ‘Cultural Home’ as her Deaf parents regularly attended social events at the club. Julie cares passionately about the Deaf community and the future of Cardiff Deaf Club.
When finding time in between work and professional commitments Julie finds time to relax with her husband and family and going to the theatre.