Structure of Cardiff Deaf Centre

Cardiff Deaf Centre is made up of several groups with each being independently run. The groups that use the building are as follows.

Cardiff Deaf Centre (CDC) - Is responsible for the building and setting up new services. Cardiff Deaf Centre also provides support to the groups that use the building where and when needed.

Cardiff Deaf Sport and Social Club (CDSSC) - This group are the oldest users of the building, they have their own charity number separate to CDC, their own constitution and their own structure of membership. CDSSC is also responsible for the catering and alcohol licence for consumption on the premises. They also run the hugely successful coffee mornings once a month on a Saturday. They have also started their own weight watches group.

Cardiff Deaf Creative Hands (CDCH) - This is one of CDC newest groups and has been a roaring success with people from all over South Wales attending. They are working towards having their own charity number, for the interim period they have permission to use CDC charity number.

Cardiff Deaf Cool Youth Club (CDCYC) - This is run by Cardiff City Council independently from CDC and caters for young people between the ages of 11 and 25.

Barracuda Drum Club - This is a successful drum club that practices at CDC on Monday and Tuesday evenings and is open to Deaf and Hearing people. There is a beginner class and advance class.

Deaf Church - This groups Meets on Friday morning with a service at 12 noon from visiting ministers. The Deaf Church has it own Charity number.

British Deaf Association (BDA) - This is the largest Deaf led charity in the UK and they have recently started renting a room from CDC upstairs. The BDA provide advocacy services in Wales.

As CDC moves forward the trustees hope to establish more partnerships and user groups in the building, allowing the building to be open 7 days a week. If you require more information about any of the groups please contact them directly. The contact details will appear here soon.